Frequently asked questions

I come with somone else. Can he/she can take advantage of the accomodation of the organisation ?
Yes, if there are still available places. Accompanying persons can also have their meals. Book before june 9th, by e-mail at

Can my not-racing friend follow me on the race with a car or bike?
No. It is clearly forbiden for security reasons.

Is there a deposit for my bagages during the race?
Only athletes registered on the 55km distance (recreationnal roller or Rollerski) can put their bags in the coach in Seyssel BEFORE 7H00, so they will be able to get it back on the finish line in Brens. For all other athletes, a bag deposit will be avalaible in Seyssel, in the Roll’Athlon 100 village

Where shoul I park my car?
We suggest that you park your car next to the finish line and not at the starting line. Several parkings are available around the Roll’Athlon 100 Village, in Seyssel. If you skate the 103km distance you will find your belongings back once you are finished. If you skate or ski the 67km distance the coach will take you back from Brens (km67) to Seyssel.

Where are the starting lines?
There is a single starting line, at Espace Sport et Nature du Fier, Motz (73). To get to the start, you can take a 3km cycling path from the Finish Line – Roll’Athlon 100 Village (ideal for a warm-up). You may also reach the start line by car though we do not advise you to do so except your accompagnying people can manage your logistics.
You may get to your starting sas between 7.10, and before 7.25

What about the finish lines?
– The finish line is in Seyssel: there is a 3km smooth downhill before crossing the (Blue) bridge, a roundabound in which you should turn left and then a 200m straight line
– The 55km finish line is in Brens, km55, on the pedestrian crossing path.

What about the starting rules?
Males and Females will start together.
All Roller distances will start together as well: 103km, 55km.
Starting areas will open at 7.10, and will be built according to the Coupe de France Marathon Roller rules.
Rollerskis 55km will start 10’ after the Rollers’start.

What is the difficulty level of the distances?
The recrationnal distances are « Black » for 55 & 103km. The main trick lies in the distances and time fences : the 15 first km should be covered within 1h (15km/h), and the 39 first km within 2h25 to be allowed to go on toward 67 and 103km (16km/h)

Are there any road signs or arrows to indicate dangers or directions?

Almost 300 road signs are set up along the route: directionnal arrows, roundabout, road crossing or road changes… But also areas in which athletes should pay more attention: tight turns, fast downhills. Special setup are also prepared to either make you skate slower or for special situation. However, there are no real danger along the route.